The Mock Interview Workshop 2022

The Mock Interview Workshop jointly organised by WYHKPSA and Marymount Secondary School (MSS) Mentorship Programme was successfully held yesterday (30 July) at the WYHK school campus. There were more than 50 F.5 students from WYHK and MSS, and 20 alumni from both schools participating in the Workshop.

The Workshop aims to provide F.5 students the requisites about the interview skills, and practices in individual and group discussions, in order to prepare themselves next year when attending the actual interviews with the panels of their chosen subjects in universities.

Hope all the students have brought back home the essential skills, dos and don’ts, and the experience shared by our alumni. Good luck next year and hope all of you will perform in your best forms in the interviews and will get admitted to your chosen subjects in universities!

- 2022.07.31 - Mentorship Programme