Legal Fraternity Happy Hour

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- 2023.03.24 - Co-conveners of the Legal Fraternity

恭喜發財! 萬事勝意!

WYPSA’s Legal Fraternity is planning to host a tram happy hour session for all alumni and friends at 華仁號 (The “Wahyanites’ Art in Wan Chai” project collaborated between WYCHK and Tramplus) on 3 Feb (Fri) from 8pm-10pm. The cost of event will be shared between all participants.

If any alumni is interested or need more details, please contact Collin Wong at 9814 8334. Look forward to seeing you in the tram happy hour session at 華仁號!

Best regards,

Collin Wong (WYCHK02)
M: 9814 8334

Vincent Shum (WYCHK13)
M: 6791 9867

- 2023.01.31 - Co-conveners of the Legal Fraternity