Good morning Dr. Chan, Fr. Tsui, Teachers and my Fellow Wahyanites,

I am Justin Chan from 6Y, the Student Ambassador of 2018-2019. I am grateful to be given a chance to share the experience with all of you, about the trip that has just happened last summer. I left Hong Kong for a 8-day journey to the chapter of Past Student Association in Toronto in July, and I am going to share what I've done and felt during the trip.

As one of our missions was to share the updated situation of Wah Yan with them, we conducted presentations on the Centennial Dinner to the alumni and their family members. Frankly speaking I was at first a bit nervous as I thought the conference would be a solemn event. However, what I actually experienced was a touching moment that old friends reunited once a year. They wanted to know more about us through dialogue, instead of a detailed powerpoint. This made us feel warm and respected. In my presentation, I introduced the Examen programs, ECA activities, students’ achievements. They told me they were proud of us, the Wahyanites. Although everything has changed in decades, they could still see our determination to strive for excellence. They also paid much attention when I mentioned the political situation in Hong Kong and the school’s response. They said they were impressed that the school could create platforms for us to discuss, educate and voice out. Father Lo, a Jesuit father from Canada, sat beside me. He told me that upholding the Freedom in campus is the most important Jesuit value, especially in critical moments of the society.

Besides having gatherings, we went to the University of Toronto, and met four professors and one PhD student, who are all Wah Yan alumni. They had various career fields, which included Psychology, Social Work, Business, Data Analyze, and Engineering. It was certainly a good chance to acknowledge their education systems and career paths. I was amazed by the achievements of our alumni since they all had great contributions to the community in various positions.

During the 8-day journey, what couldn’t be neglected was obviously the sightseeing. As you can see in my slide, we went to * Niagara Falls, * Wasaga Beach and * Blue Mountain. Looking at the gorgeous and breathtaking scenery, we felt much more peaceful and relaxed. That was definitely a good starting point for us to feel “God in all things”. 

Last but not least, I want to share more about the relationships between me and the alumni and their families. Out of my expectations, after spending a few days with them, we didn’t find any generation gap between us. We have similar leisure life- singing Karaoke, playing football, enjoying concerts, and having BBQ. I developed close friendships with them, especially with my host family. So I can really feel the warmth of Wah Yah family all around the world!

Before I end my sharing, may I take this chance to thank the College, the PSA, and their chapter in Toronto. Without their generosity, support and fine arrangement, the trip would not be successful. Thank You!

Now I am moving on to introduce the election procedures of 2019-2020 Students of the Year and Student Ambassador.

There are 3 stages in total. The first stage is a voting among F.5 students. All F.5 students are eligible voters, and you are required to vote for three students in your form. Then the 6 students with the highest vote can proceed to the second stage after submitting teachers' nomination forms.
The second stage of the election is an interview conducted by past Students of the Year and the Vice-principals. The candidates have to make a presentation and answer questions from the panel. After this interview, three students can enter the final stage of the election. They will be the Students of the Year.

The final stage is a similar interview conducted by the Principal and Presidents of the PSA. After the interview, one student is selected as the Student Ambassador. The result will be announced during the Reunion Dinner.

Please take the election seriously as it is a formal process of electing students who can truly represent the College. It is also a huge honour to be elected.

This is the end of my sharing today and I wish you all the best in the new academic year. God bless Wah Yan and Glory to Hong Kong! Thank you!

Trip to Toronto (School presentation).pptx

- 2019.09.24 - Justin Chan (Student Ambassador)