School Song History

Our school song was born in about 1970. It was composed by a Filipina Sister Carmelia who was one of the best musicians in Hong Kong and a teacher in St. Paul's Secondary School. Fr. Patrick McGovern S.J., who was a teacher in Wah Yan in the 1960s and a member of the Legislative Council subsequently, wrote the lyrics on this beautiful melody.

School Song

This is the dear school where we learn how to treasure 
And keep for a lifetime all that's noble and true, 
To serve the Lord God in the love of our neighbour, 
O Wah Yan, we are proud of and grateful to you.

In all that we do whether duty or pleasure, 
we count not the cost, but unselfishly strive, 
What's mean or unmanly we shun with displeasure, 
Come praise or come blame, we hold our heads high.

Old Boys of Wah Yan cherish fond recollections 
Of those who here taught us the best things to choose; 
Home of our friendships, our hopes, and affections, 
O Wah Yan all our lives we'll be worthy of you. 

To Sing-A-Long

Click here to download Video .mpeg file of School Song sung by 2000 Ball Chairman James Chan, PSA Council Members and School Prefects singing our School Song at the New Millennium Ball - 23rd December 2000, Conrad International Hong Kong. File size: 4.56 Mb.

Or, download .wmv audio file here.

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