Election for the Position of Alumni Manager to the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

Dear Alumni,

Please find below the schedule of the election of the Alumni Manager for the years of 2024 - 2026. All Wahyanites are welcome to register as voters and be nominated as candidates of the election.

Election Schedule:

Date Event
10 May 2024 Issue an announcement setting out the procedures for Alumni Manager Election
Begin the Alumni Manager nomination procedure
Begin the Alumni registration as electors
09 June 2024 Closing of the register of Alumni
Closing of the Alumni Manager nomination procedure
List candidates' info
23 June 2024 Election Day
24 June 2024 Result Announcement


Venue: Wah Yan College, Hong Kong
Poll Hours: 14:00 - 17:00

For details and procedures, please click here.

Should you have any questions or any documents in hard copy form are required, please contact us
- by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Paul Yu, Returning Officer)

1. The Candidature

1.1 Subject to below conditions, all Alumni of the School are eligible to become candidates for election. To be nominated as a candidate, an Alumnus must:

  • not be a serving teacher of the School*;
  • be resident in Hong Kong for at least 9 months in each year;
  • not be a person in respect of whom a permit to teach has previously been cancelled;
  • have reached the age of 18 years;
  • be physically fit to perform the functions of a manager;
  • not be a bankrupt within the meaning of the Bankruptcy Ordinance (Cap. 6) and must not have entered into a voluntary arrangement under that Ordinance;
  • not have previously been convicted in Hong Kong or elsewhere of a criminal offence punishable with imprisonment; and
  • not have been registered as a manager of 5 or more schools.

*For the avoidance of doubt, (a) teacher, who is an Alumni and is no longer serving the School, is eligible to be nominated as an Alumni Manager candidate for election; and (b) Alumni Manager may run for re-election unless he no longer satisfies the criteria set out in the above conditions. 

1.2. A candidate for nomination as Alumni Manager shall not participate as a candidate in another election to become manager under a different category (e.g. parent manager) to be conducted concurrently for the School.

1.3. The number of Alumni Manager shall be 1, and the tenure of manager shall be 2 school years beginning from the date on which the Alumni Manager is registered as an Alumni Manager pursuant to the IMC Constitution.

 For the avoidance of doubt, any period of less than twelve calendar months in the first school year of the term of office of the Alumni Manager, by reason of his registration on a date later than 1st September, shall be deemed to be a complete year for the purpose of calculating his term of office.

2. Nomination Procedures

2.1. Returning officer

The PSA Council shall assign office-bearer(s) or member(s) of the PSA Council or member(s) of the Electoral Committee as returning officer (“Returning Officer”) to monitor the nominations and supervise the issue of ballot papers and counting of votes, but the Returning Officer must not be a candidate for the alumni manager election. 

2.2. Period of Nomination

The period of nomination for the Alumni Manager election shall be 30 days, to commence on a date determined by the PSA Council.

2.3. Nomination

  • The Returning Officer should inform all the Alumni the number of Alumni Manager vacancies, the period of nomination, method of nomination, date of voting and counting, date of announcement of results and other relevant information.  At the same time, the Returning Officer should inform all members of the eligibility (The Candidature) to become an Alumni Manager candidates and responsibilities of an Alumni Manager upon being elected.  
  • An Alumnus may nominate oneself or another eligible candidate to stand for the election.  Each Alumnus can nominate no more than one nominee.  
  • Each nominee must be seconded by not fewer than 3 members of the PSA Council.
  • Nomination should be made in the prescribed form as set out in Annex 1.
  • If no one is nominated within the nomination period, the PSA Council may consider extending the deadline for nomination or conducting the election again after a lapse of some time.
  • If only one person was being nominated within the nomination period, that person shall be deemed to be elected as the alumni manager of the School for the said tenure.

3. Candidates' Information

3.1. Each nominated candidate should supply a brief statement of his personal information (“Personal Statement”) to the Returning Officer within 200 words together with the nomination prescribed form (see Annex 1) on or before the closing of the Alumni Manager nomination procedure.  By submitting the Personal Statement, the candidate is deemed to have agreed to disclose the information set out in the Personal Statement to the public for alumni manager election purpose, and the Returning Officer may circulate information set out in the Personal Statement to the alumni, if the Returning Officer considered that it is necessary.

3.2. Not less than 7 days before the election day, the Returning Officer should issue a notice to all alumni registered for voting listing the names of the candidates nominated, attaching the brief statements and declarations of the candidates, and explaining the procedures and the time-table of the election.  

3.3. The Returning Officer may if he thinks fit arrange a meeting for the candidates to introduce themselves to all alumni and answer questions from them.

4. Electors' Eligibility

All alumni of the School are eligible to vote.  All eligible electors have equal voting right and every eligible elector shall have one vote.  Alumni shall have their status verified by the School and register with the School as electors at least 7 days before election day.

5. Election Procedures

5.1. The date, place and manner of the election shall, subject to these Election Procedures, be determined by the PSA Council.  The period between the date of election and the closing date for nomination should at least be one week. 

5.2. The voting shall be conducted by secret ballot.  

5.3. The Returning Officer may arrange to conduct voting and counting on the same day.  Members of the PSA, the candidates, and the Principal of the School may be invited to witness the counting of votes.

5.4. When two or more candidates obtain the same number of votes, lots shall be drawn by the Returning Officer in the presence of the candidates to determine the candidate to be elected.

6. Announcing Results

The Returning Officer should inform all the members of the PSA of the results of the election.

7. Appeal

7.1. Candidates who disagree with election results may file an appeal notice in writing on one of the Grounds of Appeal with the Electoral Committee within 72 hours after the announcing the results. 

7.2. An appeal committee consists of 3 past presidents of the PSA Council will conduct an independent investigation on the Grounds of Appeal and deliver its judgment.

8. Follow-up Action after Election

The PSA shall nominate to the IMC the Alumnus elected as an alumni manager of the School.

9. Residual power

The PSA Council may resolve by ordinary resolution to convene an Alumni meeting and put forward a special resolution on vote of no confidence to remove the Alumni Manager. 20 days before convening the Alumni meeting, the Alumni Manager may provide 2 A4 pages of materials for the PSA Council to circulate or publish for the Alumni’s information. If the Alumni resolved by special resolution that the Alumni Manager is not acceptable to continue to hold office as Alumni Manager, the PSA Council shall immediately notify the IMC in writing and such cessation shall take effect from the date as specified in the notice given by that the PSA Council.  The tenure of the substituting Alumni Manager shall be the remaining tenure of the Alumni Manager being substituted.

10. Filling of casual vacancies

If an alumni manager vacancy arises as a result of an alumni manager resigning or being removed during his term of office, the PSA shall conduct a by-election in the same manner to elect another alumni manager to fill the vacancy within three months.

11. Points to note

11.1. Alumni, being candidates and voters in the alumni manager election, should note the ethical conduct listed at Annex 2 to ensure fairness in the election process.

11.2. Alumni Manager has the duties set out in Annex 3.

11.3. The schedule for the election to be hosted in 2024 is set out in Annex 4.

12. Definition

Unless defined otherwise, in the procedure, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Alumni has the same meaning as defined in the Education Ordinance
Alumni Manager has the same meaning as defined in the Education Ordinance
Electoral Committee a committee set up by the PSA Council for the purpose of the election of Alumni Manager
Education Ordinance Education Ordinance (Chapter 279 of the Laws of Hong Kong)
Grounds of Appeals i) eligibility of the candidate to be nominated and elected
ii) eligibility of the Alumni to cast vote
iii) re-counting of the voting results
iv) any similar procedural irregularity
 Hong Kong  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
 PSA  Wah Yan Past Students (H.K.) Association Limited
 PSA Council  board of directors of the PSA
 School Sponsoring Body  the sponsoring body of the School, namely The Procurator in Hong Kong of the English Assistancy of the Jesuit Order
 Wah Yan College or the School  Wah Yan College, Hong Kong