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Report from the Student Ambassadors 2017

After having been a member of Wah Yan for five years, the school has become home for me. I have also found different members of the Wah Yan family to be firmly connected with each other, the ones who have left are no exception. My trip to California, US has once again proved to me that how vibrant and dynamic our Wah Yan family is, and more importantly, showed me how united we are.

Day 1-Arrival in Los Angeles 
In the morning of 16th July, Jason Wong, the student ambassador of Wah Yan College, Kowloon, and I arrived at the Hong Kong international airport. Mr Silas Chan, Mr Gary Ching and Mr Peter Tang from WYHKPSA came to see us off. Upon arriving at the LAX International Airport. Mr Jason Chan, the president of the WYPSA, Southern California and our host in Los Angeles, welcomed us warmly and brought us to his enormous house where we stayed. We had dinner with members of the Southern California Chapter later that night. The alumni were keen to know more about the current development of the schools and we tried our best to fill them in with the most updated information.

Day 2-Journey in Universal Studio 
Guided by Mr Raymond Wong, a young graduate of WYK, we had a wonderful day at the Universal Studio. After the exhausting yet exciting visit, we went to the second tallest building of the West Coast. From there, the whole of downtown Los Angeles could be seen.

Day 3-Visit to UCLA and Hollywood 
Our tight schedule this day started with a visit to the Getty Museum which exhibited classical art work. Next we had a casual lunch with Professor John Tong in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). As an alumnus of both WYHK and WYK, Professor Tong had rich knowledge about the Wah Yan family. He was also eager to know more about the current Wah Yan. After lunch, we had a tour of UCLA and acquired a better understanding of the university. In the evening we dined with Mr James Young, a WYHK alumnus who was dedicated to promoting Cantonese rapping. The last visit of the day was to the Griffith Observatory. From there, we enjoyed the colourful night view of vibrant Los Angeles.

Day 4-Arrival in San Francisco 
After a relaxing morning, we headed to the airport and flew to San Francisco. Upon arrival, Mr Ambrose Leung, the president of the WYPSA, Northern California and an alumnus of WYK, picked us up with a heartwarming welcoming.

Day 5- Visit to Stanford and Downtown San Francisco 
In the morning, we meet a retired teacher of WYK, Mr Leung Kin Ping. After hearing from Mr Leung the computer and technology development of Wah Yan, we toured the University of Stanford accompanied by Mr Wong and Mr Li, two physics teachers from WYK. Compared to the universities in Hong Kong, Stanford not only had a much larger footprint and many more historical buildings, it also had abundant open green space. It was an eye-opening experience for me as the structure and the environment of Stanford was beyond my imagination! In the afternoon, we visited the headquarters of Google. Three alumni who worked in Google took us around and we had lunch in the canteen of this world-changing enterprise. At night, we explored Downtown San Francisco on our own. We first took the iconic cable car, and then visited the China Town and finally, visited the Museum of Modern Arts. The artwork in the Museum stunned us as it was such a stark contrast with conventional art like those in Getty Museum!

Day 6-Visit to UC Berkeley and Golden Gate Bridge 
In the morning, we took off to visit UC Berkeley, a top university in the world. To my surprise, the University was not as grand and impressive as Stanford and UCLA. Furthermore, the neighbourhood was poor and shabby! However, I was told that this was actually a characteristic of the university as it was one of the few universities that enrolled a large number of students from the lower class. After lunch, we drove through the Golden Gate Bridge, the landmark of the Bay area. Then we headed to the University of San Francisco (USF) to prepare for the Wah Yan International Conference (WYIC).

Day 6-8-Wah Yan International Conference 
The highlight of the trip was the Wah Yan International Conference (WYIC). Every two years Wahyanites from all over the world gather together and this year, the theme of the conference was “Setting the World of Fire”. The meeting was held in USF, with the assistance of the Ricci Institute, a Jesuit university department. In the three days, participants attended two talks given by professors of the Ricci Institute on various topics. The keynote speaker spoke on the topic of social enterprises. The talks gave me new insights and made me realise that as a Wahyanite, we must not solely focus on ourselves but should be aware of the world and be willing to support a worthy cause. On 22nd July, there was a gala dinner. At the dinner, I met alumni from all ages and from different backgrounds and experienced the unity and bonding of the Wah Yan community. Jason and I each gave a short speech about our school lives and many alumni showed interest in current school affairs even though they were already in their sixties and seventies! As I watched alumni chatting to each other, I finally understood that our unity was indeed the backbone of our success, while the readiness to serve others was Wah Yan’s limps that reached out to the public. This was the reason of Wah Yan’s success. The conference ended on 23rd July and we flew back that night. When I was on the plane, the inspiration I got from the Conference resounded in my brain. To me, it was the most valuable lesson in the whole trip.

Vote of Thanks 
This fruitful trip would not be made possible without the generous help of the WYPSA Southern California and Northern California Chapters. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the alumni who had given up their leisure time to accompany us during the trip, especially Mr Jason Chan and Mr Ambrose Leung. The two Chapter chairmen hosted us with great affection and care. We were lucky to be able to have them as our hosts. I would also like to thank the Past Student Association for their generous sponsor, especially Mr Michael Au, Mr Gary Ching, Mr Silas Chan, Mr Thomas Tsang and Mr Peter Tang. They have been collaborating with the overseas Chapters to make this trip safe and smooth. Without their support, I would never have the opportunity to present myself as the Student Ambassador. I have been in Wah Yan for over five years (11 years if I count also the PUWY days) and I have many precious experiences. I am certain that this ambassador trip will remain one of the highlights of my secondary school life. The lesson I have learnt in the trip will never fade in my memory.

Please feel free to view our photos here.

Piers Yeung​ - 2017.09.18

Report from the Student Ambassadors 2016

It is our honour to visit the Ontario Chapter of Wah Yan Alumni Associations from 7 August 2016 (Sunday) to 14 August 2016 (Sunday) as the Student Ambassadors of this year. It serves not only the purpose of greeting our brothers in Ontario, but also catching them up on the news and stories of Wah Yan, and sharing the experience of meeting our overseas alumni with students. We are very grateful to be received by Mr Stephen Ching, Mr Anthony Ho, and all the alumni in Ontario throughout the trip.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Jeffery Mah (WYKAAO), Mr Albert Lau (WYHKOAA), Mr Andrew Ng (WYHKOAA), Mr Paulus Ng (WYHK ’71), Mr Andrew Tang (WYK ’66), Mr Rudy Pun (WYK ’63), Mr Raymond Kwok (WYK ’66), Mr Raymond Kan (WYK ’78) and Mr Gus Yeung (WYK '66) for their hospitality in looking after us during the visit.

Besides, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Peter Wong (WYK ’62) and Mr Sonny Sie (WYK ’60) for offering us a place to stay during the trip.

Without the joint efforts of the International Network Committee and Mr Michael Au, we would not have been there and gained such an invaluable experience. Thank you, Michael, for your thoughtful arrangement and coordination. We have to thank WYKAAO and WYHKOAA for hosting the programme, and Wah Yan PSAs for co-organizing the Student Ambassador Scheme.

We would also like to appreciate Mr So Ying Lun, Mr Warren Chung, Mr Keung Yiu Ming, Mr Silas Chan, Mr Tsang Ho Fai, Mr Gary Ching, Mr Raymond Chow and Mr Li Yin Pok for their support.

Last but not least, we are pleased to be selected as the Ambassadors since the only chance of representing the school, the alumni and the students in a PSA-sponsored trip is by joining the Student Ambassador Scheme. Both of us hold our firm belief that this Scheme allows Wahyanites to be better equipped for their future service in the Wah Yan community. It is our earnest hope that the tradition of annual overseas visits will be inherited and continue in the coming years.

Please feel free to view our photos here.

Thank you again for making this amazing trip possible!

Jerry Guo and Frank Wong - 2016.08.23

Student Ambassador Election 18 Dec 2013

S.A. ElectionOn 27 Nov, a panel of former Students Of The Year & teachers have selected this year's SOYs. They are: Spencer CHEUNG Tat Yiu 張達堯, Winston CHING Wai Sing 程瑋星 & Stanley KOO Yue Kwan 高宇鈞. Afterward, this year's Student Ambassador Election was held on 18 Dec 2013 at WYCHK Conference Room and Spencer Cheung is the Student Ambassador, who will visit Vancouver Chapter in summer. Congratulation to the SOYs and the SA this year!

- 2013.11.28 

Our Student Ambassador in Houston

Chris Lee Kar Ming, our Student Ambassador had a trip to Houston in this summer time. Please be shared his experience of the journey by his report and pictures as well. - Silas Chan '85 (Chairman, PSA)

- 2013.09.09 

Student Ambassador Election 3 Nov 2012

S.A. ElectionThe third round of the Student of the Year election was conducted on 3rd Nov (Sat). The interview panel was comprised of Martin Kwan (convenor), principal Tam, Peter Lai (PP), Gary Ching (president), Simon Cheng (chairman) and Silas Chan (vice chairman) and the teacher coodinator was Ivan Hau. 
The three SOYs elected this year are Ho Hei Chi Joseph 何曦知 (5W) , Lee Kar Ming Chris 李家銘 (5W) and Ng Hay Yan Abraham 吳希仁 ( 5Y). Each of them will get a certificate of honour and a cash award of $3000. The student ambassador (SA) is Lee Kar Ming Chris. He will represent the school and be fully sponsored by the PSA to visit an overseas chapter of the PSA, the location of which is yet to be decided. Congratulation to the SOYs and the SA this year! - Ivan Hau (Teacher Co-ordinator)

- 2011.11.30 

Student Ambassador Election 21 Nov 2011

The selection exercise of 2011-12 SAs was held on 21 November 2011 (Mon) and out of the currently selected three SOYs from Form Five, they are namely : 5W Yu Tsz Lung (余子龍), 5W Pang Kai Ting (彭繼霆) and 5Y Shum Cheuk Chun (岑卓俊). After a round of interviews, they all came in very close in the final marks, finally 5Y Shum Cheuk Chun (岑卓俊) won the title of SA. He will represent the PSA to visit overseas chapters and to attend 2012 IC in New York City in August 2012. Congratulations to Shum Cheuk Chun.

- 2011.12.31 

Our Student Ambassadors in New York

Pictures of our Student Ambassadors in New York with their host Peter Lau 劉德亮 WYHK'68 (2001-2005 President, US Eastern Chapter). Our sincere thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Lau for their on going support of the Student Ambassador Scheme!

- 2011.08.18 

Student Ambassadors off to New York

Principal Tam, Gary Ching (Vice President), Simon Cheng (Vice Chairman) and I went to the airport on Friday July 15 to send off this year's Student Ambassadors: Michael Ng Lam Kwan (吳林坤) & Dominic Ho Ka Ki (何家騏). Justin Choi Sai Kit (蔡世杰), one of our Students Of The Year, also went along on his own expense plus 2 other boys from Wah Yan College Kowloon. This year's host is Wah Yan College Alumni Association (US Eastern) Chapter. The boys will spend the next 10 days visiting New York, Philidelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. We hope the students will have a wonderful trip! - Raymond Man Wai Yu '83 - PSA Chairman 2011-12

- 2011.07.18 

SOYS Annual Dinner 2011

The annual gathering of the "Students of the Year Scheme" was held on 19 January 2011. This year was special because we had six new SOYs from both F5 and F6. They were all welcomed by other members at the dinner. Martin Kwan (Convenor of the Timeless Bonding Scheme) was invited and interestingly pointed out that SOYS is unique among other groups under the Timeless Bonding Scheme because we have one extra icon in the PSA website. We also thanked our Principal Mr. George Tam, Mr. Philip Ching and Mr Ivan Hau for their attendance and support to SOYS. - Godwin Leung, SOYS Society

- 2011.01.20 

Student Ambassador Election 6 Nov 2010

The selection exercise of 2010-11 SAs was held on 6 Nov. 2010 (Sat) and out of the currently selected six SOYs, namely S5 group: 5Y Lai Pak Yan (賴伯殷), 5W Chan Nim Him (陳念謙), and 5W Ho Ka Ki, Dominic (何家騏) and F6 group: 6A Choi Sai Kit Justin (蔡世杰), 6S1 Chan Kwok Leung Tommy 陳國樑), and 6S2 Ng Lam Kwan (吳林坤), 5W Ho Ka Ki Dominic and 6S2 Ng Lam Kwan won the title of SA. The two young gentlemen will visit an overseas chapter for their timeless bonding mission this summer. Congratulations. - Peter Lai (Immediate Past President, WYHK PSA)

- 2010.11.17 

SOYS Annual Gathering on 31 Jan 2010

The annual gathering of the “Students OF the Year Scheme” was held on 31st January 2010 at the Student Activity Center of the school. The Principal Mr. George Tam and the newly appointed Assistant Principals were invited as the guests of the occasion. Mr. Tam expressed the wish that SOYS can play a more significant role in the development of the school, Hong Kong and China as a whole. The participants also extended their gratitude towards our Alumnus Philip Ching who started the scheme in 1986 which provided a very good platform to link up the students of different years. Through the scheme, the participants decided to play a more prominent role to link up the students of different years starting with building a closer relationship among the SOYS of different years as the first step of the action to be taken in the future. - Paul Yip (Assistant Principal)

- 2009.03.12

Student Ambassador 2009 announced

The Student Ambassador of Wah Yan College HK for the year 2009-10 was formally announced at Speech Day on 12 November in the School Hall. After 3 rounds of nomination and selection, George Fung Cheuk Yin 馮卓賢 6S2 won the SA title with the mission to visit an oversea chapter to maintain our timeless bonding while broadening his mind. For George, it will be timely to visit the Southern California Chapter in Los Angeles in the summer of 2010 to coincide the IC2010. Congratulation George!! - Simon Chan (Immediate Past President, WYHKPSA) 

- 2009.11.25

SOYs 2009 Debut

Three Students Of the Year (SOY) for the academic year 2009-2010 have been selected on 20 Oct 2009 by a panel of teachers and past SOYs. Congratulation to the following three outstanding students:
- Li Ting Hong Standford 李庭翰 6S1 
- Cheung Ka Ho David 張家豪 6S1
- Fung Cheuk Yin 馮卓賢 6S2
The final stage to select the Student Ambassador of the Outstanding Students Award Scheme will be conducted on 3 November 2009. 
The SOY selection panel includes three teachers from the School, namely, Mr. S.O. Man, Mrs. Shirley Wong and Asst. Principal Mr. Paul Yip, together with three past SOYs Mr. Stephen Lung (SOY 88-89), Mr. Raphael Lo (Student Ambassador 88-89) and Mr. Andy Chan (Student Ambassador 87-88). The Students of the Year and Student Ambassador are winners of the yearly Outstanding Students Award scheme sponsored by the PSA and jointly organized with the School.
- 2009.10.23

2008-09 Student Ambassador Ho Ying-kit to visit Southern California Chapter

Ho Ying-kitStudents of the Year Chung Man-ting, Ho Ying-kit and Tam Yiu-tong made it into the final round in which the hnour of Student Ambassador was to be awarded to one of them.  The huge adjudication panel making up of ten PSA officials, mostly Past Presidents, and Mr. George Tam, the Principal, finally awarded the Student Ambassador Award to Ho Ying-kit who will represent PSA and the College to visit the South California Chapter in the coming summer holidays.

- 2009.06.19

2007-08 Student Ambassador Tsang Pui-lim off to the USA

WYHK's 2007-08 Student Ambassador Tsang Pui-lim left for New York on 28th June with his WYK counterpart. Seeing them off at the airport were Peter Lai, Martin Kwan and WYK PSA representatives. The two lads are representing their respective PSAs as Student Ambassadors and will be received by members of the US Eastern Chapter. 

- 2008.06.30 

2007/08 Students of the Year and Student Ambassador

"Congratulations to the three Form Six students Kwok Tsz-wang, Tsang Pui-lim and Wan Chun-wah who were elected Students of the Year. The Student Ambassador Award went to Tsang Pui-Lim of F6S2 who will represent the PSA to pay a visit to overseas chapters this summer. We wish Tsang, Kwok and Wan a fruitful year ahead and look forward to seeing them to join us to serve the school in the years to come." - Peter PS Lai, Chairman, WYHK PSA.

- 2007.11.20 

20th Anniversary Dinner

SOYS 20th Anniversary DinnerThe 20th Anniversary Dinner of the "Students Of the Year Scheme" was held in the school hall on 26th August 2007. The happy occasion was well attended by S.O.Y.S. members, past students, Jesuit Fathers and the Principal. Fr. Stephen Chow, Supervisor of the two Wah Yan Colleges (a Wahyanite himself), was invited as the guest of honour. Fr. Chow delivered an inspiring speech touching on selected elements of the Vision and Mission of Jesuit education which is currently being reviewed and updated by the Jesuit Education Board. There was no lack of gratitude expressed in the sharing session of S.O.Y.S. Most members voiced their well wishes towards the PSA, their Alma Mater and society at large. 
(View full album here)

- 2007.08.26 

2006/07 Student Ambassador

Congratuations to Hui Ho Wang (6S1) for becoming 2006/07 Student Ambassador. Mr. Hui will represent Wah Yan (H.K.) Past Students Association to visit the USA West Coast in Easter 2007.

- 2006.12.19 

2006/07 Student Ambassador nomination

Time flies... 2006/07 SA program has started its 1st stage in October. Among the 87 potential candidates, 6 outstanding students have been nominated by the students to enter Stage 2 which will commerence on October 20. During the 2nd stage, 3 of them will be selected by their Form-teachers and the S.O.Y. Society as outstanding Students of the Year. And finally, at Stage 3, one of the 3 Students of the Year will be selected by the Past Students Associatoin as Student Ambassador who will represent the PSA to travel abroad to visit her overseas chapters. 
The following 6 candidates are nominated during the 1st stage:
- Hui Ho-wang 6S1
- Lee Tin Yan 6S2
- Gieuw Godfrey Harrison 6S2
- Jorge Metelo 6S2
- Lam Muk-yan 6S1
- Wong Chun-tat 6S1
May the best student wins.

- 2006.10.09 

A new Ambassador in the making

From the Headlines, you will all have learned that the SOYs 2005/06 have been selected. Amongst them 3, one will be appointed this year's Ambassador at the reunion dinner on 10th November after the Speech Day. For details of this year's SOYs, please refer to tthe table below. 

- 2005.10.30 

Another Good Year of Good Deeds by the SOYs

The SOYs Boys have done it again ! Another good year under their arms and here they are at their Annual Dinner. Tonight they have invited prominent old boy Mr. John Chan to share some good experience on the topic of Time Management.

- 2005.08.08

Initiated in 1987, the Students of the Year & Student Ambassador Scheme is an innovative and lavish idea aimed at broadening the mind of the students and promoting good relationship between the Wah Yan (H.K.) Past Students Association (PSA) and its overseas counterparts. The scheme is sponsored by the PSA. Nomination of six candidates is made every October by all Lower 6 students based on overall academic performance, demonstrable leadership quality, organisation ability and proven record of service to fellow Wahyanites, the College and the Hong Kong community. Three of the six candidates will then be nominated by members of the teaching staff and the SOY Society as "Students of the Year". Nomination results are subject to endorsement by the College Principal. 

The three Students of the Year are then interviewed by a selection panel comprised of Past Presidents and key officials of the PSA for the selection of a "Student Ambassador" who will represent the PSA to visit an overseas chapter. Selection criteria are for one who is mature, sociable and devoted to his various endeavours; with good personality; loyal to the school and the PSA; and has a strong sense of belonging for Hong Kong.

Year Students of the Year Student Ambassador Place to Visit
86-87 Lam Wan Ho, Godfrey
Leung Tat Chi, Godwin
Vaughan Joseph Christopher
Lam Wan Ho, Godfrey
Leung Tat Chi, Godwin
87-88 Chan Kwok Chung, Andy
Chu Ki Kin
Tso Yuk Keung, Eugene
Chan Kwok Chung, Andy Sydney
88-89 Chan Tsz Kin, Anthony
Lo Wing Lin, Raphael
Lung Kin Wing, Stephen
Lo Wing Lin, Raphael Toronto
89-90 Fung Tin Lun, John
Leung Tak Ming
Tsang Kar Ming
Fung Tin Lun, John San Francisco
90-91 Chan Lap Yan
Chan Tung
Tsui Ka Bun
Chan Tung Edmonton
91-92 Chan Kar Kit
Fung Man Hoi
Li Shiu Hung
Li Shiu Hung UK & Singapore
92-93 Hui Chi Yin, Andrew
Kwong Keng Chee
Wong Wai Keung, Albert
Hui Chi Yin, Andrew New York
93-94 Gor Yau Hang, Terence
Ho Wai Yip, Sammy
Lau Yu Hin, Felix
Goh Yau Hang, Terence Calgary
94-95 Ho Lai Man, Raymond 
Ng Chi Keung, Kenneth 
Tam Kar Lun
Ho Lai Man, Raymond Los Angeles
95-96 Cheung Ho, Derek 
Peter Anthony Fok 
Tsoi Chi Wai, Louis
Cheung Ho, Derek Toronto
96-97 Lau Fu Keung, Edward
Lam Cheung Chi, Simon 
Leung Kar Wing
Lau Fu Keung, Edward Sydney
97-98 Wu Shung Shan, Samuel 
Suen Wai Kin, Ken
Willy Tsoi
Wu Shung Shan, Samuel Calgary
98-99 Leung Siu Tang, Timothy 
Daniel Kong 
Chan Lin
Leung Siu Tang, Timothy Vancouver
99-00 Lau Fu Man, Edmond 
Shiu Cheuk Ting, Felix 
Wong Wing To, Alex
Lau Fu Man, Edmond Los Angeles
00-01 Ho Lai On, Leon
Lee Wang Fai
Yip Caleb
Ho Lai On, Leon San Francisco
01-02 Chiu Ting Fung 
Tin Ka Ho 
Wu Chia Chun
Chiu Ting Fung Toronto IC2002
02-03 Chan Tin Lok 
Tse Kwun Hon 
Yung Ka Ming
Yung Ka Ming New York
03-04 Philip Chow 
Kevin Lee 
Aaron Benson Wong
Philip Chow Sydney
04-05 Chan Yiu-fung 
Chu Chun-kit 
Lee Pui-tak Peter
Lee Pui-tak, Peter Edmonton/Calgary
05-06 Lau Kwun Lun 
Wong Kam Yiu 
Yeun Ho Wang Holman
Wong Kam Yiu Vancouver IC2006
06-07 Gieuw Godfrey Harrison 
Hui Ho-wang Amory
Lee Tin Yan
Hui Ho-wang, Amory San Francisco Bay Area
07-08 Kwok Tsz-wang
Tsang Pui-lim
Wan Chun-wah
Tsang Pui-lim US Eastern
08-09 Chung Man-ting
Ho Ying-kit
Tam Yiu-tong
Ho Ying-kit Los Angeles
09-10 Li Ting Hong Standford 
Cheung Ka Ho David
Fung Cheuk Yin
Fung Cheuk Yin Los Angeles IC2010
10-11 F5 Group:
Lai Pak Yan 
Chan Nim Him 
Ho Ka Ki, Dominic 

F6 Group: 
Choi Sai Kit, Justin 
Chan Kwok Leung, Tommy
Ng Lam Kwan, Michael
Ho Ka Ki, Dominic 
Ng Lam Kwan, Michael
US Eastern
11-12 Yu Tsz Lung
Pang Kai Ting
Shum Cheuk Chun
Shum Cheuk Chun US Eastern IC2012
12-13 Ho Hei Chi Joseph
Lee Kar Ming Chris
Ng Hay Yan Abraham
Lee Kar Ming Chris (T.B.C.)


The objects of the Society are to organise and connect Students of the Year for the continuous development of fraternity and for the purpose of contributing to the well-being of Wah Yan and the community at large. 
The inauguration dinner was held on March 29, 2004.

List of Executive Council members:

President: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (1986-87)
Chairman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (1986-87)
Vice Chairman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (1987-88)
Secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (1996-97)
Council Member: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (1988-89) 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (1992-93) 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (1999-2000)